Kevin Lingenfelser


Kevin Lingenfelser has devoted over 20 years to creating Visual Effects on over 100 feature films, Television Shows, Music Videos and commercials.

This website details Kevin’s breadth of experience in VFX Production.  From On-Set Supervising, Digital compositing,

digital paint, concept art, Digital Matte Painting and more.

Here You will find all forms of media showcasing Kevin’s work:

Latest Demo Reel, latest CV and IMDB credit list,

stills of various Matte Paintings and freelance artwork.

"Kevin's long standing experience in the visual effects industry has made him a creative and responsible artist.  Having been visual effects supervisor or just a compositor Kevin puts all his energy and creative resources to work.  Having had the pleasure to work with Kevin on 2 movies directly the last one being Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End has been an amazing experience.  Having the pulse of what the client is looking for and being able to execute flawlessly what the visual effect for any given shots need is a true skill.  I have tried to work with Kevin since Pirates but he is always in demand.  So if you get a chance to hire or work with Kevin in the future consider yourself very very lucky.  I know I would!”

Bryan Grill - Visual Effects Supervisor, ScanlineVFX

Please feel free to contact me with any questions:

818 . 370 . 0950

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Visual Effects Supervisor

Digital Effects Supervisor

Composite Supervisor / Compositor / digital artist